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Mix of Wild Eyes Glasses

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Bring the entire zoo home with you! American Paper Optics introduces an amazing new walk on the wild side - "Wild Eyes Animal 3D Glasses"! The animalistic altering specs will create animal floating images on any point of light. Our NEW holographic lenses bend the light creating realistic illusions of animals for all to see. Each glass is colorfully printed complete with easy to read directions and fun facts about each animal that will more than amaze you.

The Wild Eyes Animal 3D Glasses line includes Penguin, Butterfly, Bats, T-Rex, Elephant, Tiger, Zebra, Shark, Dolphin, Primate, Giraffe, and Crocodile glasses. Wild Eyes Animal 3D Glasses are great for parties, gifts, educational events, and so much more. Your eyes will go wild!

Note: Please leave us a note what styles do you want, or we will ship random. A perfect gift for anyone looking to mix it up.

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